Bladder Press

Who We Are

ATD is a UK-based manufacturer that designs and manufactures products for a wide range of transport and furniture markets.  We employ 160 staff based at multiple sites in the Midlands. 

Our core business is the design and manufacture of seats and interior trim across a variety of markets.  See What we do for more information or go to our Markets section for more detail on our work in each sector.

The ethos at ATD is very much around ‘we can find the solution’.  A customer’s demanding product specification presents us with an exciting challenge to be met.  To date, we have never turned away business because it was too difficult to meet the customer’s specification.  In fact, we have picked up business where our competitors have said it can’t be done, proving otherwise!

We are continuously thinking about how we can improve our products to meet our customers’ requirements and often present ideas that our customers may not have thought of. Our aim is to design and manufacture assemblies that add value to our customers’ product range.

ATD’s workforce is made up of experienced and skilled craftsmen, most of whom have worked in the automotive or transport sector for many years.  A very low staff turnover enables effective team-working to provide a seamless process of product development, from design to delivery.

Much of our work is handcrafted, but we also produce high volume products to the same high quality level.  We have invested in the latest technology that allows us to meet our customer’s precise specifications as well as tight deadlines.

We enjoy an extremely high level of repeat orders and nearly all of our business comes from recommendation or ‘word of mouth’.